Window Seat release new single, ‘Out of Touch’

Leeds-based band, Window Seat, have released their latest single, ‘Out of Touch’.

With subtly layered instrumentals and cloudy vocal tones, ‘Out of Touch’ is an escape into a calming sea of swaying harmonies and fizzling guitars, rushing into bursts of crashing drums and lively hooks.

Discussing the creation of their music, the band say: “The lyrics have a poignant specificity to ourselves and our own issues and struggles, yet we want them to have the poignant simplicity to speak for anyone and their own battles that they face in life. We want our music to resonate with people and offer a sense of comforting familiarity that we ourselves so often find in our favourite songs.”

‘Out of Touch’ is Window Seat’s debut release, and you can listen to it here:

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