Nana Adjoa releases debut record, ‘Big Dreaming Ants’

Amsterdam-based singer/songwriter, Nana Adjoa, has released her debut record, ‘Big Dreaming Ants’.

Opening with the whimsical sounds of ‘National Song’, Adjoa’s flair for rich vocal tones and glittering instrumentals is evident from the offset, pairing layered instrumentals with glowing production, flowing with ease between each song.

Second track of the album, ‘Cardboard Castle’, is characterised by a hefty bassline, unmasking rocky undertones and brooding rhythms, before dropping into the beat-driven ‘Throw Stones’.

An album highlight, ‘No Room’ is “about the feeling of having a conversation with someone which gets stuck in habitual small talk”; bringing relatable lyricism into vibrant melodic hooks, as evocative vocals travel through choral harmonies. If you’re going to listen to just a single song from this record, this is the one you need to hear.

The record hits even softer notes in ‘In Lesser Light Pollution’ and ‘Every Song’, with the latter ending in an fiery drum sequence, doused with layers of twinkling synths and shining vocal hooks.

Despite the hints of melancholy within its lyrics, ‘Love and Death’ remains euphoric in its use of instrumentation, bowing out with a sunny brass section, and swaying towards the more guitar-heavy sounds of ‘She’s Stronger’.

Ending the album on an introspective note, the coming of age feel of ‘Who Do We Look To Now’ and ‘I Want To Change’ seems even more significant, reflecting on the unpredictability and turmoil of life, and the constant need for guidance.

Journeying through a series of head-spinning tracks and powerful notions, the debut record from Nana Adjoa is simply radiant. A beautifully calming record, ‘Big Dreaming Ants’ is a welcome distraction from the chaos and destruction of 2020.

Listen to ‘Big Dreaming Ants’ here:

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