Soundtracked – October 4th

‘I Want To Change’ – Nana Adjoa : The introspective final track of Amsterdam-based artist Nana Adjoa’s debut album; ‘I Want To Change’ seems even more significant in these current times, reflecting on the unpredictability and turmoil of life, and the constant need for guidance. FFO: The Orielles

‘Get What’s Mine For You’ – Jack Swing : Title track of the Pittsburgh band’s third EP, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’, sees Jack Swing at their funkiest, packing anthemic choruses into convoluted instrumentals, and bringing immense power into soul-filled groove. FFO: Franz Ferdinand

‘Turn Off All The Screens’ – The New Consistent ft Charlotte Lennon : ‘Turn Off All The Screens’ is reflective in its expression, blending poetic, spoken word lyricism with gentle chorus hooks and layered instrumentals, oozing with lo-fi charm. FFO: Loyle Carner

‘Golden Parachutes’ – Peach Luffe : Written about “wanting to disappear for a while”, ‘Golden Parachutes’ is an atmospheric pop track, filled with delicate harmonies and gorgeous instrumentals. Jong Lee’s soft vocals elegantly compliment his intricate melodies, sailing into a dreamy soundscape topped with heartfelt lyrical hooks. FFO: No Vacation

‘Hairy Situation’ – Elle E : Taking on a rockier feel in comparison to her more recent releases, ‘Hairy Situation’ buzzes with vibrancy, racing between reverb-packed choruses and bold guitar riffs; with Elle E describing it as “raw, DIY goodness to get you through those shitty hair days”. FFO: SLANT

‘Somewhere’ – HAUSKEY : Exploring lo-fi beats and shiny melodies, ‘Somewhere’ combines catchy chorus hooks with hazy vocal tones and bright keys, doused with rippling synths and colourful production. FFO: Spacey Jane

‘What I Need’ – Van Houten : Cloudy and melancholic, ‘What I Need’ is an exploration of the struggles of getting through life; lined with subtle melodies, and filled with lyrical sentiments that feel ever more current. The new single comes ahead of the band’s new EP, ‘Home Alone’, set to be released in November. FFO: Team Picture

‘Remedies’ – Premium Leisure : Infused with sweet grooves and flowing rhythms, ‘Remedies’ is an upbeat, feel good tune, swirling with hazy choruses and vibrant instrumentals. Speaking about the meaning behind the track, Chris says “Remedies considers a more laid back and outward looking mindset, to do what makes you, and people around you, feel good.” FFO: Willie J Healey

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