Jack Swing release their third EP, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’

Pittsburgh-based trio, Jack Swing, have released their latest EP, titled ‘Get What’s Mine For You’.

Set as their third offering since their debut EP release, the band’s newest venture expands on the classic rock sounds of their past projects, taking on poppier choruses and groove-instilled melodies, whilst retaining soaring guitar riffs and a towering rhythm section.

Formed in 2016, the group, made of up of Isaiah Ross (guitar/vocals), Rowdy Kanarek (bass) and Alex Nelson (drums), have been touring and releasing music for the past four years, leading up to the writing and recording of their exciting debut LP.

Title track and new single, ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ sees Jack Swing at their funkiest, packing anthemic choruses into convoluted instrumentals, and bringing immense power into soul-filled groove.

Lead single, ‘Whether I Do’, is the band’s most successful track to date, as they breeze down a more mellow route, focusing around slick harmonies and vibrant melodies. The song was featured on major radio stations in Pittsburgh, and has since gained over 2000 streams on Spotify.

Closing in, the growling rock intro of final track, ‘Meet You There’, unfolds into a series of gritty vocals and spinning riffs, before exploding into a high energy finish. The highlight of the EP – it’s here where the fireworks really go off.

The ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ EP showcases three different sides of Jack Swing, with the band’s vibrant, genre-bending approach making them tough to liken to any other band around right now. With a new album on the way, how far will we see them shift the conventional sounds of modern rock?

Listen to the ‘Get What’s Mine For You’ EP here:

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