Charlie Bennett releases new single, ‘Is This Falling’

UK-based artist, Charlie Bennett, has released his latest single, ‘Is This Falling’.

Opening with a gentle, acoustic intro, ‘Is This Falling’ takes on lo-fi vocal production and heartfelt lyricism, crafting an authentic feeling pop track, with swirls of nostalgia and excitement.

Discussing his inspirations behind the new single, Bennett says he was influenced by Bruno Major, noting “[he’s] the perfect example of a modern day, old-fashioned love song writer. Many people say that all of the best love songs were written decades ago. However, I believe this new generation of artists, who are both more openly diverse in sexuality and have experienced the evolution of dating rituals (e.g. dating apps), are bringing love song writing into the modern age.”

Bennett’s new release is his third of the year, after releasing ‘Sorrel’ back in January.

Listen to ‘Is This Falling’ here:

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