Van Houten release new single, ‘What I Need’

Leeds band, Van Houten, have released their latest single, ‘What I Need’.

Cloudy and melancholic, ‘What I Need’ is an exploration of the struggles of getting through life; lined with subtle melodies, and filled with lyrical sentiments that feel ever more current.

Speaking about the track, vocalist, Louis Sadler says it “describes my need for the love that I receive from a loved one to overcome the problems in life that seem never ending.” He also notes it “reflects on how I never really feel content and never really know if I’m heading in the right direction, and how I’ve been looking for an answer for what seems like a lifetime.”

The new single comes ahead of the band’s new EP, ‘Home Alone’, set to be released in November.

Listen to ‘What I Need’ here:

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