Soundtracked – September 13th

Here are some of the best new song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Balconies’ – Victoria Marie : Acoustically driven, ‘Balconies’ pairs sunny vocal tones with guitar-heavy instrumentals and an understated production style, developing into a soft R&B tune. The new release comes as the second track from Victoria Marie’s debut EP, ‘Might Delete Later’. FFO: Raveena

‘Hellp’ – Tessalonia : Backed by hazy synths and swirling beats, the newest release from New York based artist Tessalonia pairs rich vocal hooks with melancholic lyricism and soft melodies. ‘Hellp’ is her first single release of the year. FFO: The Internet

‘Honesty’ – Fever : With a huge anthemic build-up, ‘Honesty’ jumps into a feel-good banger, standing somewhere between classic indie rock, 90’s Britpop , and hints of 70’s rock. The track is accompanied by the b-side, ‘Back For More’, a reverb-packed tune which hones in on summery grooves and swirling harmonies. FFO: Arctic Monkeys

‘Do Better’ – Downtown Kayoto : Hull-based artist Downtown Kayoto’s latest single is infused with summery R&B melodies and smooth production, packed with catchy chorus hooks and refined vocals. ‘Do Better’ is the artist’s third single of 2020. FFO: Joji

‘I Want More’ – Eades : A perfect end of summer tune, ‘I Want More’ feels like a festival anthem, making the unfortunate absence of live shows hurt all the more. With a slow build, the track rises up to a power-driven outro, packed with roaring backing harmonies and stormy guitars. FFO: The Strokes

‘Dizzy Age’ – Worthitpurchase : Whirling with fuzzy guitars, ‘Dizzy Age’ is a cool blend of psychedelia and lo-fi pop, layered with sparkling keys and shining vocals. The single is the American duo’s debut release. FFO: Kowloon

‘Window Seat’ – Cucamaras : Released as part of a double-single, ‘Window Seat’ is packed with wittiness and energy, jumping between distorted verses and high-powered choruses. The single comes as their second release of 2020. FFO: Sports Team

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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