PREMIERE: Cry Club debut new single, ‘Nine of Swords’

Exciting Melbourne duo, Cry Club, are currently debuting their new single, ‘Nine of Swords’.

Bursting with vibrancy, ‘Nine of Swords’ fizzes with energetic vocal hooks and zooming choruses, joining synth-heavy instrumentals with glossy production. Contrasting down-to-earth lyricism with high-powered melodies, the track amplifies feelings of optimism and hope, racing towards brighter days.

Speaking about ‘Nine of Swords’, Cry Club say it explores “overcoming your personal anxieties and moving past the unhealthy coping mechanisms you’ve created. Astrology, tarot cards and crystals aren’t going to replace working on bettering yourself, you’ll just continue to draw the Nine of Swords.”

The new single is the band’s second release of 2020, after releasing ‘Obvious’ back in March.

Listen to ‘Nine of Swords’ here:

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