Soundtracked – August 30th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK* ‘Jeans’ – Priya Francis : A gorgeous blend of R&B and acoustic pop, ‘Jeans’ features rich vocal tones and sailing melodies, finessed with sweet chord progressions and melodic basslines. The track is Priya’s second single of 2020, and comes after the release of ‘Butterflies’ earlier in the year. FFO: Jorja Smith

‘Fuzzy’ – Distance Learning : A kaleidoscope of groovy instrumentals and glittering sound-bites, ‘Fuzzy’ is packed with humorous lyrical hooks and funky harmonies, falling into a cool genre-bending track. FFO: Easy Life

‘Second Date’ – Josh Fudge : With a woozy instrumental intro, ‘Second Date’ oozes laidback sunny vibes, with mellow vocals layered against glittering synths and subtle beats. The track explores growing bored with how a relationship is progressing, and starting to “miss how things used to be.” FFO: Rex Orange County

‘Stranger’ – Shane Malone : Written about the struggles of forming relationships online, ‘Stranger’ feels like an ode to the superficial nature of social media and dating apps, expressing worries of saying the wrong things and having unworkable expectations. Layering mellow instrumentation with breezy vocals, Malone crafts a charmingly lo-fi track, drawing in elements of hazy shoegaze and dreamy synth-pop. FFO: Vansire

‘freetime’ – Schwey ft Satchy : A collaboration between Canadian funk band, Schwey, and American songwriter, Satchy; ‘freetime’ brings soul into pop, crafting meltingly good harmonies and melodies, sprinkled with glittering beats and spinning synths. FFO: Steve Lacy

‘Warm Body’ – Molly Payton : London-based artist Molly Payton’s newest track, ‘Warm Body’ is packed with cool summer evening vibes, as lo-fi vocals roll over Brit-pop-style instrumentals, shining with hints of contemporary pop. FFO: Black Honey

‘Be Mine For A Minute’ – Bronsen Vidas : Synth-heavy and highly danceable, ‘Be Mine For A Minute’ takes 90’s dance into bedroom pop, melding catchy vocal hooks with reverb-packed melodies. The track is the artist’s second release of 2020, and was debuted alongside a stop-motion animation music video. FFO: Anderson .Paak

‘Crying In Your Sleep’ – Iska Dhaaf : Laced with melancholy and echoing production, the latest release from USA duo, Iska Dhaaf, is filled with feathery harmonies and rippling beats. ‘Crying In Your Sleep’ is the band’s second single ahead of their upcoming EP, out in October.

‘home:so long’ – lavender : Effortlessly addictive, ‘home:so long’ is short but sweet, falling into ear-worm vocal hooks, and gently crafted, soul-infused instrumentals. The track is a b-side to their debut single, ‘peppermint’. FFO: Tom Misch

‘Life In Japan’ – Kowloon : Backed by mellow layers of funk-pop rhythms, ‘Life In Japan’ fuses leisurely melodies with crisp vocals, rolling into a whirling, groove-filled hideaway. The track explores the way the world and the people within it has changed, looking at how the rise of new technology has altered how we see things. FFO: Temporex

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here: