Priya Francis releases new single, ‘Jeans’

Melbourne singer, Priya Francis, has released her latest single, ‘Jeans’.

A gorgeous blend of R&B and acoustic pop, ‘Jeans’ features rich vocal tones and sailing melodies, finessed with sweet chord progressions and melodic basslines. Speaking about how the track came about, Priya says: “I first wrote the song towards the middle of last year, and Jarrod Hambleton, the producer, and I have been working on it since then. I initially wasn’t sure if it was going to be a single but every time I got a new mix back from Jarrod, I loved it more and more, and I’ve just been super excited to get it out.”

Writing the song about her experiences in becoming distant from her friends, she notes “I think for me it was this realisation that it’s so unrealistic to be upset and get angry at people for just growing,” continuing by saying “I felt so much relief when the song came together because it says exactly what I want to say, just the way I want to say it.”

The track is her second single of 2020, and comes after the release of ‘Butterflies’ earlier in the year.

Listen to ‘Jeans’ here:

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