Normal Average People release debut EP, ‘The Moon Saloon’

London-based duo, Normal Average People, have today released their debut EP, ‘The Moon Saloon’.

The culmination of a number of single releases throughout the past year, ‘The Moon Saloon’ sees the duo cultivating their sound further, drawing in hints of desert rock, psychedelia, and post-punk.

Opening with the growling rhythms of ‘Baggy Ankles’, the EP is a journey of ricocheting beats, towering guitars and emphatic vocals, resulting in an assertive entrance into London’s growing punk scene.

‘Lemo // Memo’ takes on addictive harmonies and swirling bursts of energy, before ringing out into lead album track, ‘Kolla Ogon’. Swedish for ‘look at my eyes’, the song was the band’s first demo, and subsequently the best at showcasing the no-nonsense grit running through the duo’s work.

Album closer, ‘Office Barnet’, features drawn out instrumental sections and whispering vocals, rising slowly before catapulting into a heavy, guitar-strong outro.

‘The Moon Saloon’ EP is an exciting first venture for Normal Average People, cementing them as ones to watch in the coming months.

Listen to ‘The Moon Saloon’ here: