Hannah’s Little Sister release new single, ‘Bin Mouth’

Liverpool-based band, Hannah’s Little Sister, have released their latest single, ‘Bin Mouth’.

Eclectic in style, ‘Bin Mouth’ races through a series of witty vocal hooks and vibrant melodies, loaded with humorous lyrical content and soaring choruses. Speaking about the track, lead vocalist, Meg Grooters said: “I suppose like a lot of our songs, ‘Bin Mouth’ is a rant in song form. It’s a song about people who like to chat a lot of rubbish, when really they should just maybe zip it. “

The track is the group’s debut release on Heist or Hit records, and was released alongside a brightly coloured VHS-style music video, reminiscent of a kids TV show.

Listen to ‘Bin Mouth’ here:

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