Soundtracked – August 23rd

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘The Blvd’ – The Yves : With a glittering instrumental intro, ‘The Blvd’ is a melancholic pop soundscape, evocative of late night city driving. Layering soft vocals upon luminous synths and subtle basslines, the track is about “that feeling of being in a crowded place, but still feeling alone inside your own head.” FFO: Wolf Alice

‘FUN’ – Samson Ashe :  The newest single from London artist, Samson Ashe, is bubbling with catchy choruses and sunny chord progressions; as twinkling instrumentals open up into breezy vocal hooks, layered with rolling beats and addictive harmonies. FFO: Peach Fur

‘Lovesong’ – Sun Spot : Upbeat and acoustic-driven, the new release from Bristol-based duo, Sun Spot is immersed in summery guitars and folk-esque harmonies. A cover of the 1989 song from The Cure, the track was released as part a double-sided single, alongside ‘Johari Window’. FFO: KAWALA

‘Call You Right Now’ – JWestern : Backed by a light groove, ‘Call You Right Now’ draws on catchy chorus hooks and mellowed vocals, bringing in funky bass rhythms and sunny waves of guitars. The single is the debut release from Leeds-based artist, JWestern. FFO: Max Pope

‘God’s Plan’ – George Moir : George Moir’s vivid take on ‘God’s Plan’ adds a cool new layer of grooviness to the track, with fast-paced verses jumping into bedroom-pop-style choruses, packed with twinkling keys and smooth vocals. FFO: Boy Pablo

‘sugarblind’ – KiNG MALA : The addictive new release from LA-based artist, KiNG MALA, is filled with nods to early 2000s pop, taking on wandering basslines and colourful vocal hooks, and finessed with radiant production. FFO: BENEE

‘One More Day’ – Mollie Coddled : The latest single from Leeds-based artist, Mollie Coddled, expands on her laidback R&B sound, adding in delicate guitars and airy synths, creating a vibrant summer pop track. FFO: JONES

‘NOW’ – Priestgate : Sitting somewhere between 80s rock and modern dream-pop, ‘NOW’ is a roaring mix of echoing vocals and shimmering intrumentals, erupting into an ever-growing, power-driven anthem. FFO: Inhaler

‘Look That Way’ – Sports Day : The groovy release from Sports Day is a swirling blend of light jazz-pop and sweet soul, bringing in lo-fi style production and charming melodies. The track is their first single of the year. FFO: Jordan Rakei

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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