Sun Spot release new double side single, ‘Johari Window / Lovesong’

Bristol-based duo, Sun Spot, have released their latest single, ‘Johari Window / Lovesong’.

Formed two years ago, the duo, made up of Will Palmer and George Turner, released an EP in 2018, and have since gone on to experiment across different genres. ‘Johari Window / Lovesong’ marks a new phase in Sun Spot’s experimentation, moving between melodic R&B, folk-pop, and soft chillwave.

A-side single, ‘Johari Window’, is dominated by hazy synths and spacey vocal hooks, meanwhile ‘Lovesong’ is upbeat and acoustic-driven, immersed in sunny guitars and folk-esque harmonies.

The new double single is the band’s first release of 2020.

Listen to ‘Johari Window / Lovesong’ here:

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