Chartreuse release new single, ‘Enemy’s Belly’

Black Country based four-piece, Chartreuse, have released their latest single, ‘Enemy’s Belly’.

Quietly delicate, ‘Enemy’s Belly’ is a sweet blend of soul, psychedelia and R&B, creating vast landscapes of layered vocals, shimmering basslines and oscillating keys.

Co-vocalist, Michael Wagstaff, spoke about the track, noting it originally started out with the bass part, before they then arranged it on a computer, and began figuring out the lyrics; “Mike had a deep search into old lyric books and found a poem he had written about things unsaid, and the feeling of cowardice because you haven’t spoken your mind, which fitted perfectly for the song.”

The track has been released ahead of their upcoming EP, ‘Keep Checking Up On Me’, set to be debuted this October.

Listen to ‘Enemy’s Belly’ here:

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