Soundtracked – August 16th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘vessel’ – ameliarose : The newest single from US-based artist, ameliarose, is an ethereal pop getaway, layering delicate harmonies upon subtle piano-heavy instrumentals. Authentic and vulnerable in its lyrical style, ‘vessel’ is ameliarose’s debut release. FFO: Daniel Caesar

‘Yellow Brick Road’ – Dylan Cartlidge : North-East-based artist, Dylan Cartlidge, has released his vibrant new single, ‘Yellow Brick Road’. Packed with addictive rhythms and groovy beats, Cartlidge brings witty lyric hooks into glowing melodies, crafting an exciting summer tune. FFO: Jamie T

‘Stuck’ – Harry Liu : An ode to lockdown and staying indoors, ‘Stuck’ is a gently shimmering pop track, doused in melodic vocal tones and soft guitars. The track is Liu’s first release of the year. FFO: Tom Misch

‘Keep You Warm’ – Jaguar Sun : The latest single from solo music project, Jaguar Sun, is a melancholic fusion of folk and pop, layering quiet beats with racing choruses and rising guitars. The track comes from his new EP, ‘This Empty Town’. FFO: Leo Stannard

‘Right Now’ – Mal the Oddity : Opening with spacey synths, the newest track from New York based artist, Mal the Oddity, is a delightful blend of 80’s pop and lo-fi psychedelia. Written about quarantine love, the song is Mal’s fourth release of 2020. FFO: Frank Ocean

‘Mind Games’ – Tania Kreuzbauer : Only her second release, the soulful new single from Tania Kreuzbauer is filled with summery warmth, dancing through subtle instrumentals and swirling choruses. FFO: Jorja Smith

‘Stuck’ – Coopertheband : American six-piece, Coopertheband’s latest release is an optimistic pop anthem, joining electronic production with arena-filling guitars and vocals. The band note that ‘Stuck’ is about “having the desire to chase your dreams but finding yourself -stuck- or trapped inside your own head”. FFO: Kid Astray

‘Chambers’ – Terra Cesna : The funky new single from London-based artist, Terra Cesna is a creative combination of airy vocals and waltzing synth hooks, crafting an effortlessly catchy dance-pop banger. The track comes from the ‘Chambers’ EP. FFO: Temporex

‘Reinvent’ – Phoebe Green: Packed with honesty and wit, the latest release from Manchester-based Phoebe Green is wonderfully refreshing, backing rich vocals with breezy instrumentals. FFO: The Big Moon

‘Camera Flash’ – JONES : The bright new single from London singer JONES is reminiscent of early 2000’s pop and R&B, with groovy verses spilling into singalong choruses. ‘Camera Flash’ is JONES’ second single release of the year. FFO: Joy Crookes

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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