10 Leeds artists you should be listening to right now

Here are ten exciting artists based in and around Leeds, making big waves at the moment.

English Teacher

Four-piece psych-rock band, English Teacher, create hazy psychedelic soundscapes, spilling with rich vocals and cool guitar tones. After debuting their first single, ‘The Worlds Biggest Paving Slab’ at the start of the year, they have since gone on to release two further tracks, and are set to perform at Live at Leeds festival later this year.

Top track: ‘The Treacle Trap Door’

Sam Wilde

Sitting somewhere in between bluesy rock and anthemic indie pop, Sam Wilde draws upon gritty guitars and soaring vocals, crafting authentic tracks packed with witty lyricism and rolling choruses. Wilde released his debut EP, ‘About Right’ earlier this year, and he’s just released his latest single, ‘Time Will Tell’.

Top track: ‘On The Run’

Van Houten

After releasing their gorgeous debut LP in 2019, Van Houten have gone on to do a headline tour across England, and are set to perform at Live at Leeds in November. The band create slick psych-pop tracks, blending mellow vocal tones with delicate guitars and ear-worm worthy chorus hooks.

Top track: ‘Ever Changing Light’


Boshe recently released her latest single, ‘Daydreamer’; a soft pop escapade sparkling with vivid synths and dreamy vocals. She’s been creating music since 2019, and all of her tracks are self-produced, having so far released three singles and a debut EP.

Top track: ‘Daydreamer’

Lucas Watt

Lucas Watt debuted his first EP last year, and has just released his latest single, ‘Kind of Funny’. Bringing candid lyricism to fiery melodies, Watt focuses on the struggles of growing up in small northern towns, emphasising feelings of being stuck in the same daily routine. He played multiple shows last year, including a slot at Live at Leeds, and a headline show at Oporto.

Top track: ‘Dirty Teens’


Bright new four-piece, Askies, create dark indie rock anthems, melding burning riffs with power-driven vocals and big choruses. They recently released their latest single, ‘Easy’, and have so far brought out five singles since 2019, along with touring with Riscas, Conflare, and Little Comets.

Top track: ‘Easy’

Mollie Coddled

Mixing soulful pop with hints of lo-fi R&B, Mollie Coddled has released three singles since 2018. Each track is carefully crafted, creating a perfect balance of breezy vocal tones and swirling instrumentation. She’s also supported the likes of Julia Bardo, Daisy Allen, and Alleyways, along with performing her own headline gigs.

Top track: ‘Love Deprived’


Indie pop trio, Wildest, released their first single at the start of this year, receiving huge support from BBC Introducing Leeds. Their recent release, ‘Fresh Orange’, is packed with catchy synth-hooks, sailing through vivid summery vibes, and developing into a huge sun-infused tune.

Top track: ‘Fresh Orange’

Bored at My Grandma’s House

Hazy vocals waltz amongst lo-fi instrumentals in the beautifully melancholic tracks from Bored at My Grandma’s House. She released her debut single, ‘Skin’, earlier this year, and debuted her new ‘Isolation Tape’ EP in May.

Top track: ‘Skin’

George Bloomfield

Producing smooth jazz-pop tracks, George Bloomfield creates exciting arrays of relaxing instrumentals, providing the ideal soundtrack to warm summer days. He released his first single, ‘Twelfth’, a couple of months back, and has since released a collaboration with Freya Thompson.

Top track: ‘Push Back The Sun’

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