The Lotts release debut EP, ‘We Are The Lotts’

Warrington garage-rock four-piece, The Lotts, released their debut EP, ‘We Are The Lotts’, last month.

Springing straight into the intense opener, ‘We Are The Lotts’, the band immediately make their sound known; packing soaring riffs, thrashing drums, and commanding vocals into a swift two minute anthem. ‘I Don’t’ is dominated by fuzzy vocal hooks and screaming guitars, whilst ‘Dumb’ is the catchiest track of the EP, developing a slick vintage feel that could easily be likened to The Velvet Underground.

Featuring a huge instrumental build up in the middle, ‘Preacher Man’ erupts into a melodic punk frenzy, before slowing into the psychedelic tones of ‘Mouth’, and ending on an eclectic run of hazy vocal tones and ricocheting instrumentation.

Produced and mixed by Thighpaulsandra, and recorded at Monmouth’s Rockfield Studios; the ‘We Are The Lotts’ EP sees the band pushing the boundaries of rock and punk, crafting a unique sound, full of fierce energy.

Listen to ‘We Are The Lotts’ here:

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