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Charlie Gamache releases debut album, ‘Lemon Grass’

US-based artist, Charlie Gamache, released his first full-length record, ‘Lemon Grass’, back in June.

Opening with a short instrumental intro, the album steps straight into lead single, ‘Feed Your Mind’, passing through breezy instrumentals and sunny vocals, before fluttering out into the delicate grooves and catchy rhythms of ‘Feelin’ Fine’.

‘Alone Together’ sees funky vocal hooks open up into fizzing guitar solos and swirling 80’s style synths; racing out towards a vivid instrumental outro, then rippling across to the dreamy lo-fi melody of ‘Interlude’. Slowing amongst the mellow tones of ‘Life on the Ground’, and ‘Hold on for Me’, lovesick lyricism waltzes around soft guitars and hazy production, falling into a gentle summery bliss.

The soulful, rainy sounds of ‘Train’ bring a touch of cool blues to the record, with introspective nods to trying to put things right; whilst the sleepy echoes of ‘Evanescence’ portray melancholic goodbyes. Final song of the album, ‘I Don’t Mind’, ends the LP on a radiant high note, pairing contented harmonies with vibrant guitars, rolling in a serene pop paradise.

Traversing through feel-good melodies and choruses doused in optimism, ‘Lemon Grass’ demonstrates that Gamache has a strong flair for producing glittering pop tracks, having already cultivated a developed sound and production style.

The question now, is where does he go next?

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