A step into the discography so far of Black Hibiscus

Nigerian indie pop artist, Black Hibiscus, has released three singles so far, taking influences from the likes of Blood Orange, Bakar, and Nick Hakim; blending soul, R&B, and light rock.

His first single, ‘Wanted’, is a melancholic acoustic-focused track, with airy vocals and honest lyricism surrounding past relationships and looking for love. ‘VHS’ takes a groovier approach, joining funky rhythms with catchy vocal hooks and rippling synths, whilst latest single ‘Panic’ is the sunniest out of the three, packed full of vibrant instrumentals and sparkling vocal tones.

Although he’s only in the earliest stages of his music career, Black Hibiscus has already displayed vivid levels of talent in both production and composition, creating the perfect summer soundtrack.

Listen to Black Hibiscus here: