Soundtracked – July 12th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Waiting’ – Giulia. : New York based artist, Giulia’s second single of the year comes after the release of ‘Hurtin”, melding gorgeously catchy vocal hooks with glowing melodies and feel-good harmonies. FFO: Janelle Monae

‘Sun Will Find You’ – Gabrielle Current : ‘Sun Will Find You’ is Los Angeles artist, Gabrielle Current’s first offering from her debut EP. Heavily influenced by Neo-soul and contemporary R&B, Current’s rich vocals dance over summery, piano-heavy, instrumentation; twinkling with bright lyrical hooks. FFO: Raveena

‘No Room’ – Nana Adjoa : Amsterdam-born artist, Nana Adjoa’s latest single is “about the feeling of having a conversation with someone which gets stuck in habitual small talk”. Flowing through tranquil melodies and hazy choruses, ‘No Room’ unravels into a vibrant array of instruments, blending subtle hints of folk with warming drizzles of sunny pop. FFO: Pip Blom

killmeinmysleep’ – Eli Moon : The emotive new release from South London artist, Eli Moon, brings hard-hitting lyricism to layers of delicate guitar notes and striking vocals. Moon describes the track as “an introspective expression of the both the inner turmoil I face everyday with not wanting to deal with people and the self-sabotaging results of that behaviour. “ FFO: Cautious Clay

‘The Other Side’ – Brown Bear Collective : Brown Bear Collective is the UK-based project from Dillon Thomas. His debut, ‘The Other Side’ is an acoustic-focused pop track, glittering with soft vocal hooks and a mellow production style. FFO: Swimming Tapes

‘Hear Me Out’ – Golda May : The captivating new release from American artist, Golda May, sails through emotional, authentic lyricism, portrayed via compelling vocals and rainy instrumentals. FFO: London Grammar

‘Sunrise’ – Alfie Crews : ‘Sunrise’ is UK’s Alfie Crews’ first single since featuring on his management’s mixtape two months ago. His debut solo release explores jazz-infused melodies and colourful lyrical hooks, and contains a smooth verse from fellow upcoming artist, Fergal Newton. FFO: Jordan Rakei

‘Spending Time With Jade’ – Western Maude : Stepping into psychedelia, woozy, bass-drenched melodies whirl around cloudy vocals in the new release from Western Maude. ‘Spending Time With Jade’ is part of her latest EP, ‘Slow Burner’. FFO: Pond

‘Mo Juice’ – Lewisland x JMT : Set as the latest single from Lewisland, a project created by Lewis Enwegbara in 2014, and also featuring JMT, ‘Mo Juice’ is brimming with addictive vocal hooks and chilled out rhythms, crafting a slick blend of groove and pop. FFO: Easy Life

‘On Repeat’ – Milo Thompson : The debut release from UK-based artist, Milo Thompson, is filled with sizzling guitar riffs and lively basslines, swirling into a funk-packed R&B track. FFO: Tom Misch

Listen to the playlist here: