Soundtracked – July 5th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Pear’ – Shania : ‘Pear’ comes from the debut EP of London-based artist, Shania. Blending mellow vocals with rising, emotive instrumentals, the track tells the story of deciding to grow and learn, ending on a heartfelt, optimistic note. The ‘Bloom’ EP was released on Friday. FFO: Georgia

‘Escapism’ – New Islands : The bright new single from bedroom pop singer/songwriter, mutli-instrumentalist, and producer Juan Carlos Virgen Jr. is brimming with summery guitar riffs and hazy vocal hooks, crafting a vibrant opening to his new EP, ‘Para Ti’. FFO: Homeshake

‘Day Job’ – Tallulah : Written about “going through the motions of life”, the latest release from Californian artist, Tallulah, melds psychedelic guitars and synths with groovy basslines and subtle vocals. Other tracks released this year include ‘Hysteria’ and ‘Here’. FFO: Tom Misch

‘Push Back The Sun’ – George Bloomfield and Freya Thompson : The new collaboration between producer George Bloomfield, and singer Freya Thompson is filled with rippling melodies and laidback vocal hooks, glittering with lulling basslines and whirling production. FFO: Jordan Rakei

‘Personalism’ – Flattery : The new track from Philadelphia artist Flattery is first single since the release of a debut album, ‘Other Essences’, in January. Delicately cloudy in style, dream-like instrumentation sails over tranquil vocal hooks, crafting a calming shoegaze track. FFO: The Japanese House

‘Sine/Ridin’ – Ivytide : Montreal band, Ivytide’s new release comes from their latest EP, beginning with the quieter notes of ‘Sine‘, before rolling into the almost hip-hop-like beat of ‘Ridin‘. Speaking about the track, they say “Sine revolves around the idea of young love that is on the brink of ending. Ridin’ is how one person comes out of that relationship, trying to move on, but with difficulty, as the past is part of who we are.” FFO: Omar Apollo

‘Letting You’ – Sofia St. Jean : Released in 2019, ‘Letting You’ from New York based multi-instrumentalist Sofia St.Jean is incredibly catchy, mixing golden instrumentals with immense vocals. Her latest single, ‘Promise Land’, was released last month. FFO: infinite bisous

‘Summer Daze’ – Some Sprouts : The newest release from German band, Some Sprouts, is a “tribute to that special person around you who can flood any room with sunshine”, sparkling with anthemic melodies and high-energy choruses. FFO: Giant Rooks

‘La nave del olvido’ – Miserable Chillers : Released as the first single off from his upcoming album ‘Audience of Summer’, Brooklyn-based artist, Miserable Chillers’ latest single waltzes through an eclectic mix of baroque pop and lo-fi rock, creating an introspective track filled with dreamy wonder. FFO: Mild High Club

‘Warm and High’ – Stella : The soulful new release from Birmingham singer/songwriter, Stella, was written after a holiday in Amsterdam, joining soft vocal hooks with jazzy melodies, and drizzled with a gentle warmth. FFO: Corrine Bailey Rae

Listen to the playlist here:

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