Shania releases glittering debut EP, ‘Bloom’

Beginning with the melancholic notes of the ‘Missed Call (Interlude)’, the ‘Bloom’ EP journeys through a soft series of breezy tracks, sailing around rich vocals and vibrant, synth-filled soundscapes.

Doused with emotive instrumentals and flowing harmonies, ‘Bby Blue’ ponders over a loss of happiness, directing questions towards the universe, and contemplating how joy can fall away so quick. Short but sweet, ‘Diamonds’ waltzes into a rose-tinted melody, filled with happier lyricism surrounding being loved and appreciated, before effortlessly gliding into ‘Lilac’, a track which depicts self-doubt and uncertainty within a relationship.

Characterised by laidback, summery production, ‘Bloom’ tells a story of hurt, heartache, and growth, ending on the rising melodies and layered vocals of ‘Pear’, and sparkling with a confident sense of optimism.

Based in London, Shania began writing and uploading music at a young age, and started to gain attention from the likes of BBC Radio London, who invited her onto their show, ‘The Scene’ , in 2019. She also released her first single, ‘No Explanation’, last year.

The ‘Bloom’ EP is Shania’s first longer-length venture, and marks an exciting step in what is just the beginning of her career.

Listen to ‘Bloom’ in its entirety here:

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