June Favourites

The top tracks from our weekly round-ups, plus a few extra!

*TRACK OF THE MONTH*: ‘You Won’t Believe How Beautiful She Is When It Has Snowed” – English Teacher : The gorgeous new track from Leeds-based group English Teacher mixes rich vocals with whirling psychedelia, crafting a misty pop track, doused in nostalgic instrumentation. All proceeds from the track’s sales on Bandcamp go towards the Black Lives Matter movement. FFO: Yellow Days

‘Company’ – Lucid State : Oxford-based duo, Lucid State, have released their newest single, ‘Company’, which they describe as “a song about an ambiguous modern-day relationship and the desire for something deeper”. An exciting mix of R&B and neo-soul, the jazz-infused guitar lines from Shayan Fassih waltz around the raw vocals from singer Ben Northam, sailing into laidback melodies and infectious choruses. FFO: Kawala

‘Promise Land’ – Sofia St Jean : Maryland artist, Sofia St Jean notes that her latest release was “was a journey to create just as it is a journey to listen to”. Bringing together power-driven vocals and swaying harmonies, ‘Promise Land’ breaks into a shining track filled with authenticity. FFO: Arlo Parks

‘One Polygon’ – Borth : Blocky synths and woozy vocals bounce around slick beats and warm riffs, carried by lyrics embodying monotonous daily routines and a slow pace of life. ‘One Polygon’ touches upon funky melodies and swirls of shoegaze, drawing in samples and flute sections to craft a dream-like ambience. FFO: Temporex

‘Lines’ – GOLDEN : Rich vocals strengthened by gorgeously laidback piano lines, encrusted with glittering beats and hazy synths, the new single from New York-based artist, GOLDEN, draws upon soft production and addictive chorus hooks, waltzing into a shiny blend of soul and pop. FFO: Arlo Parks

‘Scarface’ – Dopamine : The latest release from Dopamine layers ambient synths with echoing vocal hooks and drifting basslines. With lyrics based around “wanting the world to yourself and everything in it”‘Scarface’ is part of Dopamine’s new 39 track alphabetised album. FFO: Vansire

Shout outs:

‘Gasoline’ – HAIM

‘Hypercolour’ – Camelphat, Foals

‘Get In My Way’ – Jack Garratt

‘Creep’ – Arlo Parks

Listen to the playlist here:

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