Soundtracked – June 28th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Lines’ – GOLDEN : Rich vocals strengthened by gorgeously laidback piano lines, encrusted with glittering beats and hazy synths, the new single from New York-based artist, GOLDEN, draws upon soft production and addictive chorus hooks, waltzing into a shiny blend of soul and pop. FFO: Arlo Parks

‘Scarface’ – Dopamine : The latest release from Dopamine layers ambient synths with echoing vocal hooks and drifting basslines. With lyrics based around “wanting the world to yourself and everything in it”, ‘Scarface’ is part of Dopamine’s new 39 track alphabetised album. FFO: Vansire

‘Don’t Be Fooled’ – Nomi $hanya : Dreamy vocals backed by soft instrumentals and sparkling production, the newest single from Netherlands-based singer and producer Nomi $hana is a “love song about a relationship in which the other person is worried and insecure.” FFO: Jones

‘I Want You’ – Ivytide : In the new track from Montreal band, Ivytide, catchy vocal hooks dance around subtle melodies and gentle beats, centering around “the idea of yearning for someone, and after a long time… pouring your heart out at the last chance possible”. FFO: Still Woozy

‘Greed’ – Tash Sultana : The sun-filled latest release from Australian artist, Tash Sultana, draws upon a multitude of instruments, bringing in smooth production and soulful vocals to develop an authentic track which is “about how people change around you when you achieve some sort of success“. FFO: Frank Ocean

‘Better’ – Terra Cessna : Slick synth-pop drenched in laidback, summery vibes, the new single from UK-based artist Terra Cessna is a calming odyssey of soul, psychedelia, and a little bit of disco. ‘Better’ is a “song about not understanding decisions loved ones have made,” and is Terra Cessna’s second release of the year. FFO: Temporex

‘You Get Me’ – BEKETT : UK artist, BEKETT’s latest single is filled with heartfelt lyricism and emotive vocal hooks, soundtracked by a tender melody, swirling with sweet instrumentals. The track discusses feelings surrounding being in love, and finding comfort within others. FFO: Feng Suave

‘Think About U’ – honeywhip : The new release from LA-based project, honeywhip centers around “the process of shedding emotional baggage”, spiralling around golden melodies and cloudy vocals, and falling into a sense of optimism and euphoria. FFO: Indigo Waves

‘Choosy Moms’ – Total Brutal : Groovy guitar lines and funk-filled bass hooks dance around mellow vocals and dancey synths, finessed with a vibrant production style, in the latest track from Emily Moore’s solo pop project, Total Brutal. FFO: UMI

‘Worst Curse’ – Andrea Franz ft Andrés Arzate : The new psych-pop collaboration between Andrea Franz and Andrés Arzate is packed with addictive choruses and sailing melodies, crafting a colourful track about the “emotional aftermath of a breakup.” FFO: Clairo

‘Cloud 9’ – Sam and Sounds : Written following Sam’s experiences with online trolls, ‘Cloud 9’ is a hazy exploration of looking on the brighter side of life, bringing forward a glowing sense of optimism, layered with sparkling guitars and anthemic lyricism. Sam has previously released two other singles, with his debut reaching number 19 on the iTunes pop chart. FFO: Rex Orange County

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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