Eades release summery new single, ‘Vivid Dreams’

Leeds quintet, Eades, have released their latest single, ‘Vivid Dreams’.

Inspired by new wave and post punk, addictive guitar hooks jump into hazy choruses, swirling with sunny melodies and smooth rhythmic capabilities. Speaking about the track, frontman, Harry Jordan explained that “this is probably the longest we spent working on a song, and one of the earliest songs written for the band. It’s been through countless version and mixes but I just didn’t want to ditch it. I knew there was something there, particularly in reference to the detailed lyrics written with a close friend of mine. It started almost drum and bass like but after a lot of jamming I think we got it somewhere we’re proud of.”

Eades have already released three other singles this year, and are set to release their debut EP, ‘Microcosmic Things’ in July.

Listen to ‘Vivid Dreams’ here:

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