Drain Maria releases vibrant new single ‘Sun Shine (If You Really Wanna Know)’

Philadelphia-based artist, Drain Maria, has released his latest single, ‘Sun Shine (If You Really Wanna Know)’.

Blending cloudy vocals with golden riffs and fuzzy production, ‘Sun Shine’ is the perfect accompaniment to a hazy sunset drive, fusing vibrant instrumentation with optimistic lyricism, and crafting a glittering, heartfelt anthem.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track, Drain Maria explains “this song was written based on the idea of falling out of love with someone, and realized how much happiness you were missing out on. Leaving a situation that caused you stress, and coming out with a smile on your face. Loneliness is painful, but loving yourself heals all.”

Drain Maria has already released two singles so far this year, after releasing his debut EP, ‘How to Waste Your Teenage Life’ in August 2019.

Listen to ‘Sun Shine (If You Really Wanna Know)’ here:

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