May Favourites

The top tracks from our weekly round-ups, plus a few extra!

*TRACK OF THE MONTH*: ‘Conversations’ – DYVN ft Jasmine Kelly : ‘Conversations’ is an internet collaboration between Berlin-based lo-fi producer DYVN and Budapest-based bedroom pop singer Jasmine Kelly. Swirling synths waltz around a glittering beat, layered with cloudy vocals and funky lyrical hooks, creating a chilled out, jazz-infused pop track. FFO: H.E.R

‘Twilight’ – Amaria : Florida artist, Amaria’s sparkling new single is filled with dreamy instrumentals and breezy vocals, sailing through rich, synth-heavy soundscapes. Speaking about the track, Amaria says ‘Twilight’ represents the rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to deciding if someone is good for you or not. Knowing that even with the ups and downs, you want this person to be the one.” FFO: Raveena

‘Last Thoughts’ – Richard Griffith : The latest release from 24-year-old UK producer, Richard Griffith, features mellow vocals and soft instrumentals, packing soulful groove into laidback melodies. The track is taken from his debut album, ‘Percepts’, which was released last month. FFO: Jordan Rakei

‘Giving It Up’ – JONES : Soul-touched instrumentation layered with gorgeous vocals and dreamy synths, the newest release from London-based artist JONES is addictively summery, harmonizing catchy lyric hooks with swirling melodies. ‘Giving It Up’ is JONES’ first release in over a year – she released her debut album in 2016, before releasing a string of EPs up until 2018. FFO: Joy Crookes

‘Nothing Means Anything’ – Tarion : Blending chilled out soul with hints of funk and R&B, fuzzy intros bounce into vibrant melodies, brimming with smoothed out basslines and fiery harmonies. ‘Nothing Means Anything’ is a dancey summer hit, bringing slick vocal hooks to catchy choruses and addictive guitar licks. FFO: Tom Misch

‘2pm’ – Karis Lee : The debut single from Texas-born R&B artist Karis Lee mixes glittering vocals with golden instrumentation and soft production. Vibrant melodies spin around authentic lyricism, bringing light to the complex combination of emotions associated with hook-up culture. FFO: Ella Eyre

‘Haircut’ – SLANT : Commanding vocals backed by blazing instrumentation, SLANT bring witty lyricism to energetic punk melodies, with the band noting that ‘Haircut’ puts forward a “social commentary on how to break out of the social mould.” FFO: Black Honey

‘Zurich’ – Kid Gloves : Written whilst on tour with Dominic Fike, ‘Zurich’ pieces smooth production with lo-fi vocal hooks and addictive choruses, sparkling with bright summery energy. Mixing vibrant guitar riffs with breezy synths, Kid Gloves brings soulful groove to shiny electro-pop. FFO: Current Joys

‘Tiny House’ – Elle E : Warping reverb-filled synths around delicate beats, ‘Tiny House’ draws upon breezy summer melodies and catchy vocal hooks. Elle E notes that “It’s a song about wanting to grow as a person and explore the world”, crafting relatable lyricism backed by golden instrumentation. FFO: Beabadoobee

‘Lost Souls’ – Grand Am : American duo, Grand Am, have released their latest single, ‘Lost Souls’. Addictive vocal hooks swirl around laidback instrumentals, blending soulful harmonies with hazy synths and subtle beats. Speaking about the track, Grand Am said the lyrics are about “searching for yourself and finding peace with who you are, despite where you are.” FFO: Homeshake

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