Soundtracked – May 31st

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘2pm’ – Karis Lee : The debut single from Texas-born R&B artist Karis Lee mixes glittering vocals with golden instrumentation and soft production. Vibrant melodies spin around authentic lyricism, bringing light to the complex combination of emotions associated with hook-up culture. FFO: Ella Eyre

‘The Bull’ and ‘The Matador’ – Mauvey : Ghanaian born and UK raised artist Mauvey’s new double-side release is packed with raw emotion, melding smooth production with sprawling, synth-based instrumentals. FFO: Mosa Wild

‘Better Than This’ – Van Houten : The new single from Leeds band Van Houten builds upon their synth heavy, dream pop sound, touching on optimism in the face of anxiety. Speaking about the track, lead singer Louis Sadler notes “The song is about searching and working for a better life, and is hopeful in this respect.” FFO: Walt Disco

‘Redwoods’ – Lune Rose : Los Angeles native Lune Rose released the gorgeous track, ‘Redwoods’ last year. Twinkling keys layered over subtle synths and laidback vocals, ‘Redwoods’ is a tranquil bliss of calm instrumentation and honey-like harmonies. FFO: golda

‘Armour’ – Isabelle Brown : 17-year old Brighton-based artist Isabelle Brown’s newest single blends a groovy bassline with powerful vocals, bringing together catchy lyric hooks and bright instrumentals. FFO: JGrrey

‘Feed Your Mind’ – Charlie Gamache : American indie pop artist Charlie Gamache melds echoing vocals with spiralling synths, dancing around upbeat, sunny guitar riffs. The track is currently available here on Soundcloud. FFO: Wallows

‘Home Sweet Home’ – Boy From The South : Blending gentle acoustic pop with raw vocals, ‘Home Sweet Home’ is filled with heartfelt lyricism. The London based artist is currently working on his debut EP, set to be released later this year. FFO: Leo Stannard

‘Can’t Escape’ – Lucy Gaffney : Packed with fuzzy guitar lines and rich vocal tones, the newest release from Liverpool-based singer-songwriter Lucy Gaffney draws on experiences of struggle and heartbreak, crafting a gently melancholic expanse of emotions. FFO: KT Tunstall

‘Twelfth’ – George Bloomfield : The chilled out instrumental track from Leeds-based artist George Bloomfield brings together subtle horn sections, sweet guitar notes and a quietly driven beat, forming a sparkling summer tune. FFO: Tom Misch

‘Smithereens’ – Rasharn Powell ft AB001 : Slick basslines and soul-driven vocals swirl around soft synths and smooth production, in the new collaboration between London-based artist Rasharn Powell, and California-based artist AB001. FFO: XamVolo

‘Fade’ – Leon in the Wild : The crackly new pop track from Californian artist Leon in the Wild brings a stylistically lo-fi touch to dreamy vocals and sun-kissed melodies. FFO: Vansire

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