Sam Wilde releases new EP, ‘About Right’

Northern indie rock artist, Sam Wilde, has released his newest EP, ‘About Right’.

Built up from three previously released singles, along with three brand new tracks, ‘About Right’ bounces between grungy desert rock anthems, and sparkling Brit-Pop-esque guitars. Recorded at Greenmount Studio, Leeds, Wilde journeys through his northern, Manchester upbringing, whilst paying homage to the bands who inspired him.

Bluesy opening tracks ‘City of Bones’ and ‘Give up the Gun’ hint towards the likes of The Black Keys and White Stripes, blending rugged vocals with slicing guitar riffs. Meanwhile, the dreamier notes of ‘In Your Head’ edge into a funky bassline, before bursting into a rippling, rock-heavy tune.

Setting itself as the standout track of the EP, earlier released single, ‘On the Run’ is incredibly catchy in style, drawing out twangy guitar notes and swaying choruses, crafting an adventurous indie rock anthem. The darker notes of ‘If You Stay’ bring out Wilde’s vocals at their best, lowering into a menacing, slow-burning track, dancing between influences of Royal Blood and Muse.

Last song of the EP, ‘I Found You’, is a euphoric final bow, filled with catapulting, reverb-doused guitar riffs, fluttering away before rising again into a sizzling outro.

‘About Right’ is Wilde’s finest work yet, showcasing a charming pop appreciation, mixed with an ability to drive forward blazing rock instrumentation.

Listen to the ‘About Right’ EP here:

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