Soundtracked – May 24th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Giving It Up’ – JONES : Soul-touched instrumentation layered with gorgeous vocals and dreamy synths, the newest release from London-based artist JONES is addictively summery, harmonizing catchy lyric hooks with swirling melodies. ‘Giving It Up’ is JONES’ first release in over a year – she released her debut album in 2016, before releasing a string of EPs up until 2018. FFO: Joy Crookes

‘I Want It’ – Tim Ayre : Melbourne based artist, Tim Ayre released his self-titled debut solo EP in November 2019. In his latest single, inspired by days spent at the beach in Sydney, he blends indie pop with laidback chillwave, as hazy harmonies dance over sparkling keys and soft drum beats. FFO: daste.

‘Avocado Toast’ – Sexy Pigeon : Bringing together mellow vocals and jangly guitars, and backed by subtle beats, ‘Avocado Toast’ is the sixth release so far from Netherlands artist Sexy Pigeon, and his fifth single of 2020, crafting the next part in his breezy, sunsoaked discography. FFO: Mac Demarco

‘Susie’ – Yes Please : The latest single from New York collaborative project Yes Please, featuring apob and Matt Miggz is irrestibably funky. Addictive vocal hooks swirl around groovy melodies, complete with an effortlessly smooth production. FFO: Boy Pablo

‘Joyride’ – urbanation : In her newest release, Filipino-American artist, urbanation, fills cloudy melodies with hints of melancholy, whilst discussing some of the difficulties Generation Z face: “The song is a spotlight on how we’re perceived by other generations, and the song touches on topics like hookup culture and astrology. It’s about how we live our lives less carefully, as if we are on a car ride not knowing where the destination is.” FFO: Yellow Days

‘CHAD’ – All Things Blue : Waltzing instrumentation filled with woozy vocals and reverb-packed guitars, the new single from Los-Angeles based duo All Things Blue, led by India Coombes, along with Jon Joseph, is the first release from their debut LP ‘Get Bit’. FFO: Black Honey

‘Blue Sunshine’ – Yum Yuck : The summery new single from South African artist Yum Yuck portrays mental health struggles through a sweet mix of cloudy synths and intricate guitar work, with the artist saying: “It’s about being okay with feelings, hunches, grudges and mistakes and feeling them fully.” FFO: Vansire

‘Smile’ – Luke Ellingson : Written after being stood up for a date, ‘Smile’ from Luke Ellingson features melancholic choruses swirling around soft vocals and emotive instrumentation. “I was in the middle of a deep depressive rut for most of that year: I felt like I didn’t deserve the joy I could gain by going outside and spending time with others.” FFO: Soccer Mommy

‘Never Love’ – Yucky Bangs : After self-releasing her debut EP, ‘Lancelot Drive’, in 2018, Los Angeles-based artist Yucky Bangs has released the latest single from her upcoming LP. Slow drums layered with rising instrumentation, ‘Never Love’ brings an 80’s pop touch to glittering bedroom pop track. FFO: Clairo

‘Expectations’ – Chromatic Colours : Oregon group Chromatic Colours have released the newest single from their upcoming EP. Rich vocals leap around funky melodies, filled with twinkling keys and wavy synths crafting a cool blend of dreamy disco pop. FFO: Raveena

‘Spaced Out’ – Alfie Crews ft Max Tuohy : In a new collaboration between The Riversider’s frontman Alfie Crews, and Brother Zulu singer Max Tuohy, ‘Spaced Out’ features sweet vocals bouncing around catchy lyricism and energetic production. FFO: Temporex

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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