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Ocean Child releases ‘You’

The track was released earlier this month.

Eighteen year-old Chicago-based musician, Marco Landaverde, a.k.a Ocean Child, has released his latest single, ‘You’.

Packed with soulful, raspy vocals and spiralling riffs, ‘You’ takes inspiration from New Order and Arctic Monkeys, blending surf-esque indie rock hooks with hazy production. Heavily guitar-based, the track bounces around nostalgic melodies and honest lyricism, with Landaverde noting that “as far as the lyrics go, much of it is pieced together from little poems and phrases I came up with over the last couple months. I’m always writing stuff down–little thoughts about people in my life and the events happening around me.”

‘You’ comes as the artist’s third single of 2020, after Landaverde released his debut EP, ‘How to Keep Someone from Disappearing’, under the pseudonym Ocean Child last year.

Listen to ‘You’ here:

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