Pace release ‘Fallen’

London-based alternative-pop group, Pace, have released their latest single, ‘Fallen’.

Drifting in delicate instrumentation, raw vocals slice through emotive choruses, building up into a part melancholic, part euphoric, cloud of racing drums and heavy harmonies. Speaking about the track, Pace say ‘Fallen’ “invites people to fall in love with themselves and all of their perfect imperfections.”

Formed by singer-songwriter  Adam Pavlovčin and pianist and composer Adrián Čermák in 2015, the duo later became a four-piece after they were joined by drummer Chris Eleos, and guitarist Lorenzo Calvo. Pace released their debut single in 2019, and were due to perform at this years’ Great Escape festival.

Watch the video for the ‘Fallen’ here:

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