Pabst release new single, ‘Hell’

Berlin-based rockers Pabst have released their newest single, ‘Hell’, ahead of their upcoming album ‘Deuce Ex Machina’.

Erupting into a fuzzy torrent of sizzling guitars and commanding vocals, ‘Hell’ is stylistically dark, flooded with heavy punk influences and garage-rock-style production. Speaking about the track, drummer, Tore Knipping explained that it’s “about the darker feelings inside of you, them returning once in a while and sucking you into a hole. It sounds feasible; enlightenment can sometimes only be found through suffering, but sometimes it is so dark down there that you just can’t see whom you’ve made a pact with: ‘Gave everything to the devil, got nothing in return’.”

The group also shared a video for the song, filmed and edited by Felix Aaron.

Watch the video for ‘Hell’ here:

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