Choosing Sides release gritty new single ‘Breakfast’

Australian rock group, Choosing Sides, have released their latest single, ‘Breakfast’.

Gritty vocals race around authentic lyricism, developing into a blazing, punk-drenched track packed with Arctic-Monkeys-esque riffs. Bringing the energetic feel of their live shows into the studio is a tough job – but Choosing Sides do just that, blending grainy, pit-inciting melodies with slick production.

Hailing from the South Coast of Adelaide, brothers Will (vocals) and Frankie Wright (drums) spent part of their childhood in the UK – something which they say has had a major influence on their music. The rest of the band includes Michael Wright (guitar), and Lawson Hansberry (bass), each bringing their own influences to the group.

Listen to the ‘Breakfast’ here:

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