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Goons release high-energy debut single, ‘Homerun’

The track was released last month.

Sydney-based rock group Goons have released their debut single, ‘Homerun’.

Beginning with a muted guitar intro, ‘Homerun’ bursts into a flurry of soaring riffs and anthemic lyricism. Noting that their inspirations behind the track came from “the ups and downs and universal challenges that arise in any significant life pursuit”, Goons bring gritty vocals to energetic choruses, racing through fast-paced melodies packed with fiery instrumentation.

The five-piece band first appeared on the Sydney music scene in late 2019, playing shows at the Marlborough Hotel and the Chippendale Hotel, whilst also securing their first festival appearance at Nadgi Nadgi in the Southern Tablelands.

Listen to ‘Homerun’ here:

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