Soundtracked – May 10th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Twilight’ – Amaria : Florida artist, Amaria’s sparkling new single is filled with dreamy instrumentals and breezy vocals, sailing through rich, synth-heavy soundscapes. Speaking about the track, Amaria says ‘Twilight’ represents the rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to deciding if someone is good for you or not. Knowing that even with the ups and downs, you want this person to be the one.” FFO: Raveena

‘S.A.D’ – Oscar Welsh : In his newest single, ‘S.A.D’ 18 year old Suffolk artist Oscar Welsh blends catchy vocal hooks and colourful melodies, dancing around dreamy synths and lovestruck lyricism. The track is Welsh’s third release. FFO: Still Woozy

‘I’m A Loser’ – Elephant Castle : The blazing new single from Los Angeles-based project, Elephant Castle, mixes fizzing choruses and kaleidoscopic instrumentation, producing a groove-infused psychedelic track described as “a tongue-in-cheek anthem for the underdog.” FFO: Tame Impala

‘Get A Loan’ – Moonguys : Oklahoma-based solo project, Moonguys’ latest track comes his from new album, ‘Also’. Featuring hazy vocals and soft guitar notes, ‘Get A Loan’ drifts around vintage instrumentation around melancholic choruses. FFO: Yellow Days

‘Conversations’ – Limbo Days : The latest single from Elliot Gaspar’s Manchester-based solo project, Limbo Days, is packed full of vibrant energy, glittering with nostalgia-tinged guitar licks and fuzzy vocals. ‘Conversations’ is the title track of his self-produced EP, which was released at the start of the month. FFO: FUR

‘lately’ – parking lot : Gentle synths layered with clouded vocals, the new release from Los Angeles based producer, parking lot, is about “the day to day life in a relationship and how it plays out during the early summer in LA.” Sunny in style, ‘lately’ pairs hints of soul with soft, chillwave instrumentation. FFO: Tom Misch

‘Guilty Pleasure’ – The Manatees : The newest, self-recorded, single from Southampton band The Manatees pairs raw vocals with heartfelt lyricism, flickering around euphoric melodies. ‘Guilty Pleasure’ is the group’s second single of 2020. FFO: Kings Of Leon

‘I Know’ – CrySpy : Sweet vocals blended with hazy synth-hooks and subtle guitars, the laidback new release, ‘I Know’, from Vienna-based musician, CrySpy is the lead track of his upcoming EP. The artist released his first, self-produced album at the end of last year. FFO: Temporex

‘love in mind’ – mid season sale : Amsterdam based bedroom pop duo, mid season sale’s second single ‘love in mind’ features gorgeous harmonies and chilled out melodies, filled with lovesick, summery lyricism. FFO: Vansire

‘Hung the Moon’ – Grace Joyner : South Carolina artist, Grace Joyner’s second single, ‘Hung the Moon’ comes from her sophomore LP, ‘Settle In’, released last month. Rich vocals dance over subtle instrumentation, swirling around smooth guitar notes. “It’s about a big love so that is how I wanted the track to feel – almost otherworldly,” said Joyner. FFO: Lorde

‘I Can Barely See’ – Drens : The new surf-meets-punk release from Dortmund group, Drens is packed with spirited guitars and energetic vocals, crafting an energetic track bursting with anthemic vocal hooks. ‘I Can Barely See’ is the last single from their ‘Pet Peeves’ EP. FFO: Hockey Dad

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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