DOV releases ‘Reciprocate’

Brooklyn-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, DOV, has released his latest single, ‘Reciprocate’. The track comes as part of his five-part EP, set to be released in July.

Brimming with catchy vocal hooks, ‘Reciprocate’ layers subtle basslines with jazzy synths and glittering keys, bursting with a vibrant summer feel. Featuring smooth vocals from London-based artist Vaughan, DOV’s newest single is delicately rich, with lyricism doused in melancholy.

Speaking about the track, DOV said “‘Reciprocate’ is about yearning to give everything to someone, although you struggle to feel anything yourself. It’s about wanting to give yourself to someone when you’re emotionally unavailable, so instead you cope with high nights and seedy one-night stands. It’s about breaking emotional attachment through sex and partying.”

DOV’s upcoming EP,  ‘It Feels Right’, is set to be released on 24th July.

Listen to ‘Reciprocate’ here:

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