Full Colour release electrifying new single, ‘Times Change’

Yorkshire-based five-piece, Full Colour have released their new single, ‘Times Change’.

Soaring guitars glazed with anthemic lyricism and bold choruses, ‘Times Change’ is euphoric in style, bursting with vibrant vocals and dynamic instrumentation.

Discussing the track, frontman Conrad Berriff describes the lyrics as “all about moving away from home and wondering whether certain people will miss you and how you’ll cope without them”.

Produced by Larry Hibbit, the single was recorded in London, mastered by Robin Schmidt, and mixed by Tom Longworth.

The video for ‘Times Change’ features the group doing a high-energy performance of the track, with Conrad noting, “we wanted to do a performance video, but make it look different and bring as much energy as possible. We were knackered by the end of the day!

Watch the video for ‘Times Change’ here:

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