Meet Mungo!

Rising UK-based artist, Mungo, has just released his latest EP, titled ‘And It Went Like…’ . Crafting laidback electronic jams with hints of psychedelia, the producer’s newest release is his most exciting to date, an irresistible genre-blending creation.

After playing guitar for years, Mungo started producing at around the age of 13, “I was lucky my school offered music tech for GCSE so that’s kind of what first got me started producing,” he states, “I worked on Logic and it’s the DAW I’ve always stuck with, I flirted with Ableton a bit but for the moment we just don’t work that well together. Following that it was mostly just the hours I spent in my room trying to get my head around it. I started listening to a lot more electronic music and trying to get more of an understanding for all the scenes within it.”

He then began to explore sub-genres, stepping into everything from future bass to lo-fi hip-hop. “I even have a tune released on the wrong Mungos’ Spotify that sounds like it could be on Eurovision,” says Mungo. “My first reaction when I hear a song that gives you that gut punch feeling, was always how did they make that, and can I?”

Mungo has released two full EP’s to date, having released his second EP last week. “The EP started with ‘Pink Electronic’”, he explains, “I had the stems from a track off the previous EP which a good friend at uni had recorded for me. She sent them over and they fit that instrumental so perfectly, but there was this one loop that kept getting stuck in my head so I ended up making a second track from them.”

Mungo cites his influences amongst Chemical Brothers, Jon Hopkins, and Jamie xx; finding that the music in his newest EP reflected what he was listening to in the first year of university, where he’s currently studying audio engineering. “They instantly make me think of that year, like having my halls neighbour cheer through my wall when I was working on them at 4am and he was getting back from a night out,” says Mungo.

The lockdown has allowed the artist to find time to create new music, after returning to his family home. “I’m pretty lucky here, it’s probably the most peaceful place you can imagine – it feels like a remote artist retreat, he states. “There’s a barn opposite the house that doesn’t get used and I’ve filled it with an old PA system. So I’ve been working on music, most of the time with at least two jackets on, but with no neighbours to get noise complaints from.”

Find out more about Mungo here.

Listen to the ‘And It Went Like…’ EP here:

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