April Favourites

The top tracks from our weekly round-ups, plus a few extra!

*TRACK OF THE MONTH*: ‘Treadmill In A Desert’ – Harry Mold : Whizzing with burning riffs and blazing drums the singer’s raw vocals power through energy-packed choruses and fast-paced lyricism. Talking about the track, Mold says “‘Treadmill In A Desert’ is all about the pressure you can feel when you’re in a stagnant/stationary state of mind. Like when you feel things around you moving at a normal pace, but nothing is changing in your own head. This feeling made me feel like I was about to explode, so I transmitted that straight to my song.” FFO: Tom Grennan

‘Electric’ – Fever : ‘Electric’ echos the unrelenting energy of the previous two singles, buzzing with fire-fuelled guitar hooks and assertive vocals. With lyrics surrounding the topic of pre-relationships, the chorus is anthemic, glittering with hints of nostalgia. FFO: Blossoms

Orbifolia’ – himehabu : Sweet harmonies swirling around subtly psychedelic instrumentation, Leeds-based himehabu’s latest single brings quiet hints of jazz to psych-pop. Discussing the lyrical content, bassist Kyle Ellerbeck said they “reflect on events and feelings of personal, societal and cultural disillusionment”FFO: Van Houten

‘Hate Me Till You Hate Me No More’ – The Trust Fund Kids : American indie-rock artist The Trust Fund Kids has embarked on a new musical direction – his latest single swirls between psychedelia and electro-pop, doused in subtle hints of the artist’s indie-rock roots. FFO: MGMT

‘Wake Up’ – Borth : Wirral-based producer, Borth, has released his latest single, ‘Wake Up’. Dreamy melodies encased in rippling synths and mellowed vocals, ‘Wake Up’ is a glittering pop track, doused in soft lo-fi production. FFO: Homeshake

‘Badlands’ – The Howlers : London-based band, The Howlers, have released their latest single, ‘Badlands’. Brimming with fire-fuelled riffs and thundering drums, commanding vocals stretch over turbulent melodies, crafting an energetic desert-rock track. FFO: The Amazons

‘Hologram’ – Max Pope : Smooth pop with a touch of disco – London-based singer Max Pope’s newest track is brimming with catchy lyricism and haze-filled vocals, swirling into a gently psychedelic pop anthem. FFO: Tame Impala

‘Miss the Feeling’ – Hollyy : Chicago-based band Hollyy’s latest single is a sunlit burst of luscious harmonies and vibrant melodies, layered with golden-toned riffs and colourful brass sections. A sweet, garage-soul anthem to soundtrack sunny afternoons. FFO: Real Estate

‘Forget About It’ – Patawawa :  Disco-funk group Patawawa are back with a brand new single. ‘Forget About It’ is filled with mellow summer vibes, sparkling with with jazz-tinged synths and waltzing guitars. Soft vocals dance between vibrant instrumentation and catchy lyricism, crafting the ultimate laidback sunny tune. FFO: Circa Waves

‘early’ – parking lot : Los-Angeles-based artist parking lot’s latest single is charmingly laidback. Groove-laced instrumentation glitters with echoing vocals and a sweet summer breeze, dancing in a mellow sunset glow. FFO: Vansire

Other notable releases:

‘Eugene’ – Arlo Parks

‘angel’ – Kali Uchis

‘Better’ – Jack Garratt

‘Hasta La Vista’ – Dream Wife

‘Times Like These’ – BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Listen to the ‘Monthly Favourites’ playlist here:

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