Soundtracked – April 26th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Orbifolia’ – himehabu : Sweet harmonies swirling around subtly psychedelic instrumentation, Leeds-based himehabu’s latest single brings quiet hints of jazz to psych-pop. Discussing the lyrical content, bassist Kyle Ellerbeck said they “reflect on events and feelings of personal, societal and cultural disillusionment”. FFO: Van Houten

‘feels good to laugh’ – honeywhip : The newest single from Los-Angeles group honeywhip mixes jazzy notes with cloudy pop hooks, dancing between mellow harmonies and groove-filled guitars. The band describe the track as a ‘song about making peace with isolation’ – saying it was ‘started in the midst of a separation, and finished during the coronavirus quarantine’. FFO: Vansire

‘Ebb and Flow’ – Sunsurfer : Raw vocals layered over guitar-heavy instrumentals, USA-based artist, Sunsurfer’s newest track is filled with soft surf notes, drifting through soft choruses. FFO: Yellow Days

‘Glass Self’ – Fat Heart : London-based artist Fat Heart’s latest release explores dreamy pop melodies and soft vocals, waltzing through a hazy DIY production. ‘Glass Self’ comes from his debut EP, ‘Everything Is’, which was out on Friday. FFO: Beach House

‘Yolanda’ – Kimbo Nice : The newest track from UK-based Kimbo Nice is soulful in style, filled with gentle guitar notes and hints of nostalgia, bouncing into an indie pop track with gorgeously smooth vocals. FFO: Peach Pit

‘New Beginnings’ – Junípero: The latest single from Mexican dream pop duo Junípero layers subtle instrumentation with rich vocals, completed with sweet guitar solos and a gentle beat. FFO: Beach House

‘Seasons’ – Bonsaii : Self-recorded and produced, the newest single from Australian artist Bonsaii blends indie pop with electro-pop, jumping between raw guitar hooks and bursts of vibrant synths. About the track, Bonsaii notes that “While lots of the vocals and guitar are fairly untouched, I like to dig in and get a bit antsy with synth sounds and drum production to attempt to get the best of both worlds.”  FFO: Jack Garratt

‘Easy to Say’ – Joshua Worden ft Casey Harper : The latest collaboration from Joshua Worden and Casey Harper layers catchy vocal hooks with slick basslines and breezy synths, crafting a laidback electro-pop track. FFO: Toro Y Moi

‘u were never really mine’ – Muylike : The newest release from Muylike brings together hazy vocals and funky synth hooks, creating a groovy pop sound dashed with lo-fi production. FFO: Boy Pablo

‘All My Friends Got Time’ – Drens : The new blazing surf rock single from Dortmund band Drens is packed with fuzzy vocals and fiery guitars. The band describe the track as “a song about a time back when you were a teenager, wasting your time on doing nothing with your friends, talking about your dreams, right before becoming an adult.” FFO: HUNNY

‘Daylight’ – Pastel ft Ben Kessler : The newest collaboration from Pastel and Ben Kessler sees soulful instrumentation mixed with slick vocals and effortlessly smooth guitar riffs. with Pastel noting “Ben and I made it the day we met”. FFO: Tom Misch

‘Wake Up’ – DOUBLECAMP : The catchy new single from Nashville duo DOUBLECAMP is combines addictive vocal hooks and groove-packed melodies, filled with upbeat summer vibes. FFO: DNCE

‘Hfoas’ – Mei Semones : The latest release from Mei Semones is indie pop with a touch of jazz, brimming with hazy vocals and chilled out instrumentals. FFO: girl in red

‘Hush (Don’t Say What You Mean)’ – Lesibu Grand : Upbeat indie rock with vintage tones, the newest single from USA-based band Lesibu Grand is filled with strong vocals and a summery melody. FFO: Blondie

‘Joanna’ – Tatum Gale ft Laura Jinn : Chilled out instrumentation layered with gentle vocals and authentic lyricism, the latest collaboration from Tatum Gale and Laura Jinn hops between soft pop and funk-filled basslines. FFO: Jack Garratt

Listen to the ‘Soundtracked’ playlist here:

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