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Harry Mold releases ‘Treadmill in a Desert’

The single was released last week.

London-based singer-songwriter Harry Mold has released his latest single, ‘Treadmill in a Desert’.

Whizzing with burning riffs and blazing drums the singer’s raw vocals power through energy-packed choruses and fast-paced lyricism. Talking about the track, Mold says “‘Treadmill In A Desert’ is all about the pressure you can feel when you’re in a stagnant/stationary state of mind. Like when you feel things around you moving at a normal pace, but nothing is changing in your own head. This feeling made me feel like I was about to explode, so I transmitted that straight to my song.”

‘Treadmill in a Desert’ is the follow up to previous single ‘Python’, and is the singer’s first release of 2020.

Listen to the track here:

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