Soundtracked – April 12th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Miss the Feeling’ – Hollyy : Chicago-based band Hollyy’s latest single is a sunlit burst of luscious harmonies and vibrant melodies, layered with golden-toned riffs and colourful brass sections. A sweet, garage-soul anthem to soundtrack sunny afternoons. FFO: Real Estate

‘Voice Memos’ – Sal Paradise : The feel-good pop from US-based Sal Paradise is filled with laidback, dreamy instrumentation, and complete with honey-like vocals and heartfelt lyricism. FFO: Vansire

‘Sitting in the Park (Remix)’ – Jay Marwaha ft Jonathan Shapiro : The latest collaboration from Jay Marwaha and Jonathan Shapiro is a remix of a track released on Marwaha’s debut album. Soulful instrumentation and rich vocals blend with catchy lyricism, complete with a smooth rap verse. FFO: Loyle Carner

‘Fade Away’ – Smoove and Turrell : The slick groove pop from UK-based Smoove and Turrell is glittering with hints of disco, packed with soulful vocals and funky basslines. FFO: Jamiroquai

‘Drive’ – High Waisted : The latest release from New York psych-pop band, High Waisted, is filled with dreamy vocals and lulling instrumentation, crafting a glowing, chilled out tune. FFO: The Marias

‘Lost In Your Head’ – pastel boyfriend : Jazz-dusted pop with sweet lo-fi vocals and mellowed guitars, the newest release from USA-based artist, pastel boyfriend is a soothing summer bop. FFO: Still Woozy

‘Catching Up’ – Lean : The newest synth-laced pop track from LA duo Lean dances between subtle verses and high-energy choruses, sparkling with breezy vocals and groove-filled hooks. FFO: Passion Pit

‘Come On Home’ – Benzo Beneluxo : In his latest single, Netherlands artist Benzo Beneluxo layers gentle vocals over whizzing synths and delicate guitars, creating a soft, chilled track. FFO: Temporex

‘Visitor’ – Olivia Reid : Starry vocals and finespun melodies intertwine in the newest track from indie pop artist Olivia Reid, finished with authentic lyricism surrounding the feeling of losing belonging. FFO: Arlo Parks

‘She’s Gold’ – RAMES : The latest single from indie rock group RAMES is packed with bright, energetic guitars and raw vocals, complete with a sunny lo-fi production. FFO: Vistas

‘Until the Noise Stops’ – Float Point : The newest single from Float Point shines with a unique sense of eeriness, fusing cool, electronic-heavy instrumentation with airy vocals and trance-like hooks. FFO: Radiohead

‘In My Ear’ – Worry Club : Catchy lyricism backed by tender guitar notes, the latest single from bedroom pop band Worry Club blends hazy vocals with refined instrumentation. FFO: Wallows

Listen to the playlist here:

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