Cap'n Marble release debut EP 'Come 2 California'

Cap'n Marble

Psych-pop duo Cap’n Marble have released their debut EP, ‘Come 2 California’.

The EP opens with the title track, weaving out traces of the Californian sun whilst dancing around swirling instrumentation and hazy vocals – sparkling with trance-inducing harmonies and swaying guitars. ‘In Too Deep’ almost steps into 80’s disco, filled with reverbing synth and catchy lyricism; meanwhile ‘When The Sun’ is a breezy, harmony-led track laced with soft drum beats and slick flares of guitars.

Closing song, ‘Evermore’, is the highlight of the EP. A final burst of mellow synth hooks, layered with intricate guitar work and subtle hints of melancholy – all concluded with a short piano outro.

Listen to the EP here:

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