Soundtracked – March 22nd

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Lilac Scented Panic Attacks’ – Franco Elvis : Twinkling piano layered with breezy vocals and soft guitars, dancing around catchy lyricism and bright melodies. ‘Lilac-Scented Panic Attacks’ comes from Texas artist, Franco Elvis. FFO: Wallows

‘Lost Time’ – Sarpa Salpa : Northampton-based group, Sarpa Salpa’s latest single is bursting with vibrant guitars, shining vocals and sunny energy. The group had been due to tour the UK next month, however this has now been cancelled. FFO: Circa Waves

‘I Want You Mine’ – Gabacho : Combining jazz-laced instrumentation with hints of melancholy, Chicago-based Gabacho brings together reverb-filled guitars and fuzzy vocals with sweet lyricism surrounding nostalgic dreams. FFO: Boy Pablo

‘Asha the Computer’ – RUBY : American artist, RUBY’s latest track ‘Asha the Computer’ is full of chilled-out bliss. Rolling vocals dance over airy synths and subtle melodies, with lyrics discussing ‘our evolving relationship with technology’. FFO: Clairo

’24’ – Dead Emerson : ’24’ is a subtly optimistic coming of age track filled with soulful vocals, jangly guitar riffs and glittering instrumentation, rising from LA-based artist Dead Emerson. FFO: King Krule

‘Hercules’ – Breazy Daze : Laidback R+B from Berlin based artist Breazy Daze, brimming with soft vocals and gentle guitar-heavy melodies, and dancing around light drum beats. FFO: Vansire

‘Cry’ – San Mei : Gold-Coast alt-pop artist San Mei wrote ‘Cry’ as a reminder to appreciate life, layering polished vocals with shoegazed-filled instrumentation and energetic hooks. FFO: Hockey Dad

‘Wish You Were Sober’ – Conan Gray : American artist Conan Gray latest track explores teenage relationships and parties, bringing together electronic vocals and whizzing instrumentals. ‘Wish You Were Sober is part of his debut album, ‘Kid Krow’, available now. FFO: Rex Orange County

‘Thanks’ – Yakima : British group Yakima released new single ‘Thanks’ ahead of their debut EP. Filled with pastel-coloured guitars and cloudy vocals, the track is completed with a sugary lo-fi production. FFO: The Lemon Twigs

‘Ladybug’ – Wes Chiller : The latest track from California-based artist Wes Chiller is summery in style, packed with surf-esque hooks and hazy vocals, jumping around catchy lyricism and hints of groove. FFO: Mac Demarco

‘Lampshade’ – Sorrell : Rising instrumentation from Leicester quartet Sorrell builds into effervescent bursts of breeze-filled vocals and gleaming riffs. FFO: The Night Cafe

Listen to the playlist here: