Soundtracked – March 15th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Girl Like Me’ – LVRA : Oxford-based LVRA’s latest release is brimming with gently layered instrumentation and mellowed vocals, sparkling with laidback synths and subtle piano notes.

‘Stephanie’ – Glass Caves : The latest release from UK-based Glass Caves is filled with pastel-coloured instrumentation and soft vocals, bursting into quick flashes of vibrancy. FFO: Circa Waves

‘Thoughts and Prayers’ – Future Ghost : The new groove-packed release from Florida based Future Ghost brings together slick harmonies and funky instrumentals, juxtaposed with hard-hitting lyricism surrounding gun violence. FFO: Peach Pit

‘One Time, Too Many’ – The Wilkies : The vibrant rock release from NYC-based group The Wilkies is packed with sunny hooks and catchy riffs, loaded with anthemic choruses. FFO: Two Door Cinema Club

‘grace’ – Vampsy : The latest release from American artist Vampsy is laidback in style, glittering with bright synths and chilled out harmonies. FFO: Vansire

‘Battered and Bruised’ – Circa Waves : Circa Waves newest release is packed with upbeat vocals and summery instrumentation, bursting with reverb-filled guitar riffs and smooth piano notes. FFO: Sundara Karma

‘Give Me (Something)’ – Sunday Estate : Soft guitar hooks and swirling instrumentation characterise the latest release from Sunday Estate, completed with gently authentic vocals and sweet lyricism. FFO: Hockey Dad

‘No Fanfare’ – Youth Sector : Packed with spirited punk-esque vocals and heavy guitars, the newest release from Brighton based Youth Sector is brimming with unrelenting energy. FFO: Shame

‘STILL NEVER ENOUGH’ – Cainan Francis : Dorset-based artist, Cainan Francis’s latest single is laced with a quiet melancholy, shining with mellowed vocals and raw lyricism. FFO: Rex Orange County

Listen to the playlist here:

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