‘Walking Like We Do’ – The Big Moon: Album Review

The Big Moon’s debut centred around guitar-heavy instrumentation and eclectic lyricism, dancing through vibrant melodies lit with sparkling humour. Their sophomore album, ‘Walking Like We Do’, takes a more subtle approach – edging into slower, quieter territories, whilst remaining unmistakably Big Moon-esque.

 “I’m so bored of being capable / I need somewhere to be vulnerable,” sings Juliette Jackson, in the opening lines of ‘It’s Easy Then’. That vulnerability strikes deeper on this record than it did the last – witty metaphors become words doused in deeper emotion, anthemic hooks turn into authentic stories.

Each track becomes its own detailed construction, crafting layer upon layer of rippling synths, golden riffs and dreamy backing vocals. Elements of pop and rock are blended with ease, sometimes side-stepping into disco beats, at other points slipping into soft ballads.

Formed in 2014, The Big Moon burst onto the scene with a plethora of guitar-fuelled tunes, taking their energy-led live shows across the UK, whilst shredding away claims of rock music’s demise. The guitar-heavy grittiness of their former work may have subdued, but peaks of intensity are sustained in tracks such as ‘Don’t Think’, culminating in fuzzy riffs and assertive lyrics, brimming with the unrelenting spirit of their debut.

Sweeping harmonies and melancholic lyricism drift across the icier ‘Waves’; meanwhile, the brighter tones of ‘Barcelona’ bring bursts of colour to the record, wallowing in catchy hooks and groove-filled instrumentation.

Flickering with soft piano keys, ‘Dog Eat Dog’ humours concepts of dogs barking in Morse code and pigeons eating fried chicken, whilst lacing hints of biased thinking and selfish actions amongst drowsy synths and lingering drum beats.

The record shines brightest in the standout single, ‘Your Light’; kaleidoscopic arrays of jazzy guitar riffs, bubbling vocals and everlasting hooks build into a feel-good anthem filled with a dazzling sense of optimism.

‘ADHD’ is the glittering finish ‘Walking Like We Do’ deserves. Almost choral in style, the final minutes of the record are dominated by high-flying brass sections and sun-filled harmonies, ensuing in one, last, incandescent bow to a fantastic record.