Soundtracked – March 8th

Here are some of the recent song releases we’ve been enjoying at LDOI. All songs featured can be found in the Spotify playlist linked at the bottom of the page (updated weekly).

*TRACK OF THE WEEK*: ‘Dear Los Angeles’ – golda : Ethereal vocals tell emotive stories of struggles, dazzling with delicate melancholy and layered with subtle, stripped back instrumentation. FFO: London Grammar

‘Oops’ – T-Shirt Dream Party : Manchester-based, T-Shirt Dream Party’s latest dream pop track features glowing hooks and mellowed vocals, sprinkled with soft guitars. FFO: The 1975

‘Big Wave’ – Rowan : The latest single from Irish group, Rowan, explores zesty guitar hooks and catchy lyricism, backed by vivid basslines and a slick beat. FFO: Catfish and the Bottlemen

‘Weeks’ – Simen Mitlid ft Tuvaband : Gently crafted pop collaboration from Simen Mitlid and Tuvaband, glittering with melancholic vocals and sweet instrumentation. FFO: Vansire

‘i swear i’ll change my mind!’ – Love and Godspeed : Floating pop with cool touches of synth and breezy vocals, and completed with sparkling guitars. FFO: Temporex

‘Tongue Tied’ – The Manatees : The new release from UK-based, The Manatees, is drenched in summery surf pop, packed with anthemic lyricism and high-powered choruses. FFO: Circa Waves

‘Confidant’ – BabyJake : Upbeat pop from Florida-based Baby Jake is filled with catchy choruses and addictive melodies, blending touches of bedroom pop and hip-hop. FFO: Dominic Fike

‘Somebody New’ – Swim Mountain : The latest release from London producer Swim Mountain carefully mixes hints of psychedelia with funky guitars and warped instrumentation. FFO: Tame Impala

‘Who’ – My Ugly Clementine : The latest sunny post-punk release from Vienna-based supergroup, My Ugly Clementine, is bursting with vibrant guitars and singalong lyricism. FFO: The Big Moon

‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’ – Austin Bullock : The newest release from Austin Bullock brings authentic vocals and blazing guitars riffs, glowing bright against a smooth drum beat. FFO: Black Keys

‘Desire’ – Liza Anne : US-based Liza Anne’s latest track is filled with rippling basslines, layered with fiery guitars, packed full of brightly coloured energy, FFO: Black Honey

‘Sober’ – Aquilo : Understated vocals dance around gentle piano-heavy melodies and sweet harmonies, the latest release from Aquilo brings together both hints of shoegaze and electro-pop. FFO: Jack Garratt

‘How Do We Look So Good’ – Stellie : Adelaide-based artist, Stellie’s new single is a dreamy indie pop track sparkling with hazy synth and gorgeous vocals. FFO: Clairo

‘A Very Sunny Day’ – Drens : The newest vibrant garage rock track from Germany based Drens edges between heavy punk and cooled down surf rock, bursting with heated riffs. FFO: VANT

‘Why Won’t You Admit’ – Sea Girls : Anthemic choruses and bright guitars jump around lively melodies and energetic vocals. FFO: The Night Cafe

Listen to the Soundtracked Playlist here:

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