February Favourites

The top tracks from our weekly round-ups, plus a few extra!

*TRACK OF THE MONTH*: ‘Ben Dover’ – Mantra Love : Texas-based duo, Mantra Love bring fuzzy vocals and swirling riffs into energetic melodies, serving cool hints of psychedelia amongst breezy indie rock. FFO: The Strokes

‘Saying Forever’ – Eades : Blending gritty vocals with dangerously addictive groove, Eades bring the disco to the punk show. FFO: Television

‘Sitting in the Park’ – Jay Marwaha : Smooth pop with soft hints of funk and soul, filled with mellow harmonies and sweet instrumentals. FFO: Yellow Days

‘Under’ – golda : Flickering beats layered with starry vocals and sparkling instrumentation. FFO: Georgia

Special mentions:

‘Time’ – Jack Garratt

‘Stop This Flame’ – Celeste

‘Bad Decisions’ – The Strokes

Listen to the Monthly Favourites playlist:

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